Battle Arena

Starship battles are optional and take place in the Battle Arena.

In order to engage in a battle a starship must either make itself available to fight by going to the Battle Arena (be the defender), or by engaging into a fight with a starship that’s already listed for battle (be the attacker).

The incentive for engaging in battles resides on earning battle bid rewards paid in DAI.

When listing a starship for battle, the defender will have to set and pay a battle bid. The battle bid can be between 10 DAI minimum and 1000 DAI maximum. In order to engage in a battle with a starship, the attacker will have to pay the same battle bid the defender set.

The winner gets to win the battle bid from the other starship (minus a 10% fee).

Ex: The defender sets and pays a battle bid of 50 DAI.

The attacker has to pay the same battle bid of 50 DAI to engage in a fight with the defender.

The winner of the battle receives 90 DAI.

The strength of the starship determines how high a starship can set the battle bid and it’s capped to a maximum of 10% of the starship strength (hull + bridge integrity). More powerful starships can engage in better paying battles.

Ex: A starship with 250 hull and 250 bridge, thus a strength of 500 can set a maximum battle bid of 50 DAI.

A starship with 5000 hull and 5000 bridge, thus a strength of 10000 can set a maximum battle bid of 1000 DAI.

A starship making itself available to fight first (taking the defender role) will receive a 10% extra firing power as a courage bonus and can only be attacked by starships which are less than or equal in strength. A more powerful starship cannot attack a weaker starship, however a weaker starship can always attack a more powerful one.

After a fight, the losing starship will suffer damage worth 10% of the battle bid.

Ex: if you lost a battle with a battle bid of 30 DAI, your starship will suffer a damage of 3 strength points distributed between your starship parts (ex: 1 damage to hull, 1 damage to bridge and 1 damage to engine).

3 is the minimum damage your starship will receive, so any bid under 30 DAI will result in a 3 strength points damage.

A starship with any of its parts damaged under 250 strength points is considered damaged and it’s unusable either in battles or travel until it’s being repaired.

Repairing a starship costs DAI or a Repair Kit NFT.

Ex: if your hull strength is 220, thus under the minimum of 250, in order to repair it to the minimum required of 250 strength points you’ll have to pay 30 DAI (1 DAI per 1 strength point) or use a repair kit NFT which would repair your entire starship to its original undamaged condition.

When repairing a starship, you cannot repair it above the original condition (you cannot upgrade it, that will be a Season 2 feature). If your hull was 250 and it was damaged to 220, you cannot repair it to 300, but just to 250 if that was the strength you built the starship with.

There are 2 battle modes starships can engage in battle: a simple mode (AUTOBATTLE) and an ADVANCED BATTLE mode.

The simple battle mode (AUTOBATTLE)

The simple battle mode is the fastest way to get engaged in a fight. It relies on a single transaction being submitted that determines the winning starship.

The simple mode relies on a single shot being fired by each starship at each other; the starship with the higher strength left after receiving the opponent's hit gets to win the battle.

How it works:

In the simple battle mode, the strength of the starship is determined by the strength of the hull + bridge combined. The engine strength pays no importance during a simple battle mode.

Each starship will fire at the other starship with a firing power being a random value between 25% and 75% of the starship strength. The defender receives a 10% extra firing power for exposing the starship for battle first.

After the hits are received, we calculate the remaining strength of the starship as strength of the starship - firing power received from the other starship.

The starship with the highest remaining strength is the winner.


Starship 1 with 250 hull, 250 bridge and 250 engine.

Starship 2 with 250 hull, 250 bridge and 250 engine.

Starship 1 strength is 500 and fires with 50% firing power, thus with a firing power of 250.

Starship 2 strength is 500 and fires with 60% firing power, thus with a firing power of 300.

Starship 1 remaining strength = 500 - 300 = 200

Starship 2 remaining strength = 500 - 250 = 250

Starship 2 strength is higher than starship 1 strength, thus Starship 2 is the winner.

Notes about the simple battle mode:

While the strength of the engine plays no role during a simple battle mode, it is important for users listing starships for battle (thus taking the defender role) to know that once they list a starship for battle, they can be attacked in either battle mode. As such, listing a starship with a high strength (hull + bridge) but a weak engine can expose yourself to starships attacking you in the advanced battle mode where your weaker engine can pose a disadvantage.

On the other hand, the attacker can engage a starship in a simple battle mode even if he has a weaker engine than the defending starship as that will not create a disadvantage for him.


Starship 1 (defender): 500 hull, 500 bridge, 500 engine

Starship 2 (attacker): 500 hull, 500 bridge, 250 engine

In the simple battle mode, both starships would be equal in strength, Starship 2 being able to engage in battle Starship 1 with the same winning odds as the engine doesn’t play a role in the battle.

The Advanced Battle mode

The advanced battle mode is designed as a more engaging fighting mode where the attacker's decisions play an important role in determining if he succeeds or not to win the fight against the attacker.

The advanced battle mode runs similar to a turn-based game with the remark that the defender’s starship is being controlled by the starship’s AI system instead of the user himself.

In this fight mode, all starship’s parts play a role in determining the winner of the battle.

The strength of the starship is determined by the hull + bridge strengths combined and determines the firing power of the starship as a random value between 15% and 25% of the strength.

The defender receives a 2% extra firing power for exposing its starship for battle first.

The starship with the more powerful engine gets to receive 10% less damage from the other starship firing power during the battle as its evasive skills are better than the other. As starships engines get damaged during the fight, the starship with the more powerful engine at the time of the shot being fired is the one that benefits from the 10% protection.

If any of the starship’s parts get damaged to zero strength, then that starship is the loser and the other starship is claimed as winner.

How it works:

The attacker will engage in a fight with a defender and fire at the starship by picking a part he wants to fire at. After the defender starship receives the hit, the starship’s AI will fire back at the attacker.

If none of the starships suffered total damages (any starship part strength went to zero), the attacker can fire again, and so on until one starship wins the battle by destroying the other starship.

Now, let’s get a little more technical about how exactly the advanced battle mode works and how the AI controls the defender's starship providing the same fair chances of winning the battle as if its decisions were run by the user himself.

It all begins with the attacker selecting a starship part he wants to fire at, while also selecting a starship part from his own starship he wants to enforce the shield on. The advanced battle mode is introducing starship shields as a feature to protect against enemy attacks.

On every fire being shot, both the attacker and the defender can select what part of their starship they want to enforce with a shield (this is secret, the other starship doesn’t know where the shield is set on when they are firing, neither the attacker or the defender’s AI). The shield will absorb 50% of the firing power hit.

Let’s suppose our attacker wants to fire at the defender’s hull and sets its own shield on the engine. Missile is being fired!

What happens next? This is when things become interesting.

The missile has a 50% chance to hit the hull (the intended part), or hit another part (bridge 16.6% chance or engine 16.6% chance) or completely miss hitting the starship at all (16.6% chance).

If the missile hits the starship, then we verify if the defender starship had a shield on the part that was hit. The defender’s AI will set the shield on the weakest part 80% of the time, and 10%-10% on one of the other parts. That way if the attacker wants to target the weakest part 100% of the time, he will only succeed on hitting the intended part just 50% of the time. If the starship had a shield on that part, then the starship would only suffer 50% of the firing power damage on that part.

It’s now the defender starship's turn to fire back, assisted by the starship’s AI control system.

50% of the time the AI will instruct the starship to fire back at the attacker’s weakest starship part since the purpose is to totally damage a starship part to win the battle. 16%-16% of the time the AI will instruct the starship to fire at one of the other parts, and 16% of the time the starship will miss hitting the starship just as the attacker has a 16% chance to miss hitting the defender. So in terms of hitting or missing their target, both starships have the same odds.

The missile goes away!

Similar to the attacker firing a missile, the logic is the same: we verify if the defender hit the attacker’s starship, if there was a shield on that starship part and the damage that was suffered.

If the defender didn’t totally damage the attacker’s starship, then the attacker can fire another missile until one of the starships gets to win the battle.

After every fire the starship strength is being updated by subtracting the received damage and a new firing power gets randomly generated between 15 - 25% of the starship’s new strength.

Once a starship part gets damaged to zero strength, then it’s been defeated and the other starship is declared as winner.

The starships will be delisted from the Battle Arena and the defeated starship will face a permanent damage worth of 10% of the battle bid distributed among its parts equally.

The winner will receive 90% of the combined battle bid (defender + attacker bids) as reward.

What happens if the attacker won't finish the battle?

The attacker has a time limit of 1 hour between firing shots. If he is not continuing the battle, then the other starship can claim victory. At the same time, if the attacker wants to capitulate, he has a surrender option which will end the battle without having to go through all the fires being shot.

Experience Points

All starships earn experience points after every battle. The winning starships receive 80% of the battle bid as experience points, and the losing starships receive the remaining 20%.

Ex: the battle bid was 10 DAI, the winner will receive 8 experience points, the losing starship will receive 2 experience points.

Based on their experience points, starships get ranked on weekly leaderboards winning prizes as well as extra benefits (Season 2).

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