Warp Bonds
Starship Parts
When you bond for more than $250, a starship part NFT will be minted. Combining these parts will allow you to create a starship and then begin to take part in the other staking pools around our ecosystem.
Starship Parts Strength
Each starship part (hull, bridge, engine) has a distinctive strength parameter between 250 and 5000. The strength is determined based on the bond value.
Ex: a $250 bond will create a hull part with strength of 250. A $5000 bond will create a hull part with a strength of 5000.
5000 is the maximum strength a part can have, meaning if you buy a bond of $10,000, you will receive a hull part with strength of 5000 only. Strength will play an important role in determining how powerful a starship is starting from Season 2 (more info soon!).
The fuel cell is the only starship part that has no cap: buying a $10,000 bond will give you a fuel cell with 10,000 points.

What is a Starship bridge?

Star Ship Bridge
The starship bridge is where you and your fellow comrades will navigate the stars together! This is where you will spend a lot of your time aboard your ship in order to travel the galaxy!
Bridges will have both Strength modifiers

What is the StarShip Hull?

Star Ship Hull
The hull of your starship is where you and your crew mates will spend most of your downtime, whether playing games, eating or just lounging with each other. The nicer your hull the more comfortable you can be during FTL.
Hulls will have Strength modifiers

What are the engines?

Star Ship Engines
Your engines are the most important part of your entire ship! Without them you are stranded and lost in space forever! Make sure to fuel up your engines before leaving a planet, we don't know what kind of horrors there might be between planets.
Engines have Speed modifiers (see Planets page Engine Strength Speed Up)

What are fuel cells?

Fuel Cells
Fuels cells can be purchased by bonding for a value of $250 or more. Ex: if you buy 1000 DAI worth of bonds, in addition to the WARP you purchased, you will also receive 1000 fuel points.
In order to travel from Planet A to Planet B a starship needs at minimum 250 fuel. When traveling between planets your fuel will be expended.
Fueling up a starship with more than the minimum amount of fuel to travel from Planet A to Planet B will travel faster as they are able to stay in FTL for a longer time compared to other starships.