Warp Bonds
Warp Tokenomics
WARP is committing to a fair launch project. This means that all Captains get access to the WARP token at launch with no presales, airdrops, IEOs or IDOs being given out to anyone. This means none of the development team are getting any WARP tokens, no influencers will be getting WARP, and no crypto communities will be getting WARP.
As a part of a launch incentive, select communities will be given unique 1/1 spaceships or spaceship parts, but they will come with no WARP tokens and the NFTs have no inherent value outside of whatever the open market places on the Starships and Starship NFTs themselves. To learn about these special giveaways and the communities they are available to, please join the WARP discord and pay attention to the announcements to see how you can be involved.
Any investor, whether a WARP developer or a random person out in the metaverse, will need to buy WARP at launch and contribute to the ecosystem as a whole in order to benefit from its growth.
In doing so, we can make sure that there is no unfair early dumping or price manipulation being done by those who were lucky enough to be connected in the early days.
This is our pledge as a development team - to be honest, ethical, fair, and community-driven with WARP and any project that we've been a part of building.
Warp is being launched on the Polygon network.
Exchange listing: Sushiswap
Liquidity pair: DAI/WARP
Initial Total Supply: 1000 WARP
Initial WARP Price: 250 DAI
Initial liquidity: 200,000 DAI & 800 WARP
Launch APY: 1.2B %
Initial Treasury: 100,000 DAI
Minimum bond to earn Starship NFT parts: $250
Season 1 Starship NFTs: 10,000 bridges; 10,000 hulls; 10,000 engines; unlimited fuel cells

What are the development fees in WARP?

To help support the project and all ongoing development, proceeds from economic features in WARP will be set aside in a WARP development fund Gnosis safe with a minimum of 4 signers. This fund will go towards paying for the continued development, marketing, and salaries of the development team. The funding breakdown is as follows:
  • 10% of the incoming tokens for all created bonds will go to the development fund. If someone bonds $100, $90 will go to the treasury and $10 will go to the development fund.
  • 10% of all royalties on NFT ship parts, starships, fuel cells, etc. will go to the development fund.
  • For every WARP token that is minted, an additional 20% of the token is minted into the Lightspeed Fund. This fund will be set aside to create a supply for future developments, incentives, exchange listings, giveaways, etc. For reference, OHM mints 100% of the token (in essence, for every one OHM token another OHM is minted to the DAO fund). WARP will only be minting 20% to the Lightspeed Fund.
The Lightspeed Fund and its future use (if any) is not guaranteed and is up to the development team's discretion on how it is used. Any future utilization of the Lightspeed fund will be communicated to the community but is not subject to voting. WARP does not operate as a DAO and the usage of the Lightspeed Fund (if any) will be determined by the WARP team and any community advisors it so chooses.

Why does WARP have a 5% sell burn?

With cooperation, WARP's users can ensure the maximum possible collective benefit for the entire network of participants. Participants are incentivized to remain staking WARP and receive extra bonuses for doing so.
To help continue to incentivize the community to participate in collectively building a treasury that mutually benefits all Captains, WARP is implementing a 5% burn on all sells, that is exchanging WARP for another token.
This 5% burn on sells is a deflationary measurement to help reduce overall ecosystem inflation. The WARP total amount burned will be displayed on the WARP Web App.
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