Warp Bonds
Combining Starship parts to create a starship
Create Bonds. Build a Treasury. Earn NFT starship parts. With every $250 bond or more, a single starship part is granted - a hull, bridge, or engine. Combine one of each type to make a Starship. Then, fuel your ship with Fuel Cells - the fourth type of NFT given while bonding. Best part? NFTs can be sold on OpenSea to buy the parts you need or you can sell your ship part NFT to another user who needs it, creating an active secondary marketplace for Starship parts between Captains.
Once 40,000 starship parts have been minted (which would allow for 10,000 starships to be created) only fuel cells will be minted going forward.
Each season of WARP contains a set of 10,000 ships comprised of 10 ship archetypes (see the website for details). 1000 ships are exclusive mints, and 100 are ultra-rare special editions. Seasons also include new planets that are unlocked every 10 days (2 whole bond cycles).
With WARP, users will build starships that allow them to “travel” between multiple staking pools with each new planet that is released. Each planet represents a different staking pool, with a different APY bonus.
Each season will introduce a new functionality into the ecosystem to make the ships continue to be rare and valuable. Season 1 brings planet traveling. Season 2 brings ship battling to earn bonus WARP. And so on. WARP seasons keep people coming back for more bonds and NFTs as the ecosystem matures and grows. If the demand is high enough, more ships can be minted by accelerating the next season launch.
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