Warp Bonds
Multiple staking pools

Travel between Planets

With WARP, users will build starships that allow them to “travel” between multiple staking pools with each new planet that is released.
Each planet represents a different staking pool, with a different APY bonus. With every new planet released, a “gold-rush” comes into play, with the huge APY available to the first Captains to reach a new planet, granting them access to the plentiful resources. As the rest of the starships arrive over time, the APY will lower proportionally. Meanwhile, on the first planet, the APY will increase as the mass-exodus leaves fewer people on the home planet, making “staying put” an interesting economic option as well.

Travel Time

Traveling between planets takes time and requires fuel. Before traveling to a different planet Captains have to fuel up their starships with enough fuel to make it to the other planet.
Traveling between 2 adjacent planets requires a minimum of 250 fuel and takes 24 hours. Fueling up a starship with more fuel will make the starship go faster, thus arrive to the destination before others.
Ex: fueling your ship with 500 fuel to travel from Earth to Planet 1 will mean your ship will arrive to Planet 1 in 12 hours instead of 24 hours as you fueled it with twice the fuel amount. Fueling it with 1000 fuel would make the starship arrive in 6 hours (4 times more fuel translates to 4 times less time).
Making your ship travel faster is extremely important when traveling between distant planets. Ex: traveling from Planet 1 to Planet 5 would take 4 days and require a minimum fuel of 1000 (4 x 250 fuel). Fueling up your starship with more fuel will make your starship arrive faster at the destination planet and benefit from a much higher APY for more time.
Engine Strength Speed Up
Besides the fuel, your engine strength also plays an important role in how fast your starship travels between planets.
A starship with an engine with strength of 250 will arrive to another planet in 24 hours.
A starship with an engine with strength of 5000 (maximum engine strength) will arrive to another planet in 12 hours (half the time). The usual 250 fuel points minimum still apply.
You can use the following formula to calculate by how much your travel time is being cut down by based on your engine strength:
speedUpBy = 1 + (engineStrength / 250 * 0.05);
travelTime = travelTime / speedUpBy;
If our starship with an engine strength of 5000 would want to arrive to the other planet in 1 hour, unlike the starship that has an engine strength of just 250 and required 6000 fuel points, this one would only require 3000 fuel points since its engine strength alone is cutting the travel time in half.
Basically if you have a "powerful" engine you will have to spend less fuel cells to speed up your travel time.
The minimum travel time your Starship can reach a different planet is of 1 hour, regardless of how much you fuel it up with. When you arrive to the destination planet, the entire amount you fueled your starship with is being expended.
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