Warp Bonds
How to create LP Tokens
One of the 3 WARP bond types available is the WARP-DAI LP bond. The LP bond offers the highest discount at launch, offering a 15% bonus compared to the DAI and MAI bonds who only offer a 10% bonus.
In order to buy a WARP-DAI bond you need to add liquidity to the WARP-DAI liquidity pair and in exchange you will receive LP tokens to bond with.
Getting LP tokens should be done only through WARP's "Add Liquidity" feature.
Since WARP is having a 5% sell fee, adding liquidity directly through Sushiswap will result in a 5% tax being applied to your WARP tokens, since technically sending tokens to Sushiswap is being reported as a sell transaction.
WARP's "Add Liquidity" feature allows you to add liquidity and acquire LP tokens without a 5% fee.
The "Add Liquidity" feature can be found under Bonds -> Add Liquidity tab.
add liquidity feature
For a video tutorial on how to get LP tokens and buy a WARP/DAI LP bond, please see our "How to create WARP/DAI LP Bonds with the Liquidity App".
The first step is to choose the amount of DAI you wish to pair with your WARP tokens, then the WARP value will be automatically calculated to the equivalent DAI. You must have equal value in DAI and WARP tokens to create a liquidity pool token. If you do not have WARP tokens, you must first purchase them on Sushiswap.
Once your LP tokens have been created, you can use them on the Create Bonds page for the largest bond discount.
Note: the first time you add liquidity there will be 2 approval transactions required, one for spending DAI and another one for spending WARP.
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