Warp Bonds
How to Buy WARP
How-To Guide on Buying WARP
WARP is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon network.
Step 1: You need a crypto wallet that works with Polygon.
Officially we recommend MetaMask but enabled support for over 70 different wallets through WalletConnect.
As long as your wallet supports the Polygon network or custom RPCs, you're ready! Polygon is a Layer2 solution of Ethereum, so you can use your ethereum-based wallets on Polygon, including hardware wallets.
Step2: You'll need some MATIC on the Polygon network in order to buy WARP
You can buy MATIC (Polygon) with a debit/credit card using Moonpay, direct to your Polygon wallet address, or using a Centralised Exchange (CEX) like Crypto.com or Kucoin, and then withdraw it to your personal wallet.
You can also use many other coin types on the Polygon network, including ETH, USDC, DAI, and more, which can be sent over using a chain bridge. We recommend Matic since it is the native token of Polygon.
Step3: Now you're all set to buy WARP
WARP is available for purchase from the market via Sushiswap or you can receive WARP through buying a WARP bond in our platform.
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